Tom Greuter

freelance front-end & mobile web developer


Professional web developer since 2000. Loves HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Former team lead. Co-founder of Fronteers.


recent projects

  • Sanoma

    Built a new internal admin tool from scratch. The tool is a SPI communicating solely with a REST API.


    HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript (Backbone, Marionette, CommonJS), Handlebars, Grunt, Git

  • GreyPossible

    Created a prototype of a web-based iPad app.


    HTML5, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (Highcharts, jQuery), Handlebars, Grunt (Assemble), Git, Offline, i18n

  • Albelli

    Migrating Flex applications to HTML5 in a scrum team.


    HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (Google Closure Library, PureMVC, Mocha, Chai), Grunt, Git, Scrum

  • KLM

    I took part in a team of front-end developers that was responsible for creating and maintaining core components (like the corporate header, footer and UI components) which could be used by other teams. Also I conducted code reviews on product teams, took part in higher level architectural meetings, implemented a Grunt build process and a Git workflow.


    HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (jQuery, RequireJS, Backbone), Mocha, Grunt, Git, Scrum

  • Breman

    I created an online tool for managing technical documentation that should be used by service technicians.


    HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS 1.0, Protractor), PHP (Laravel-4), Codeception

  • KLM Homepage

    I was part of a scrum team that created a completely new, responsive homepage for


    HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, RequireJS), Git, Scrum

  • ING

    I was part of a scrum team that implemented a redesign of the online banking environment. Particularly, I build the iDEAL site and a separate mobile site for iDEAL. To optimise client-server performance the mobile site contained just plain JavaScript, no library's.


    HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, RequireJS), Git, Scrum

  • BVA Auctions

    Front-end developer in a scrum team, developing the biggest online auction of the Netherlands.


    html, css, javascript, jquery, git, maven, fireworks, scrum